Hygiene Labs™ have designed and developed an aerosol atomiser specifically for the automotive, rideshare and general road transport sector. The treatment takes six minutes to completely sanitise a vehicle and its air-conditioning system for up to 30 days.


Australian anti-microbial treatment specialist Protection Brands Pty Ltd. has been contracted by the Royal Australian Navy to treat Australia’s major surface ship fleet with Hygiene Labs™ Antimicrobial Shield coating, applied to surfaces on RAN vessels.


Hygiene Labs™ have developed a range of aircraft-based hygiene solutions protecting millions of passengers and crew around the world using our aviation approved antimicrobial coatings. Our products are designed to provide a completely hygienic environment for travelers and crew aboard the sealed space within an aircraft.

Our holistic approach using surface sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and complete interior sanitation through fogging, has now been adopted by some of the world’s leading airlines.

Our products are Boeing and Airbus approved and are designed to actively disinfect aircraft surfaces for up to 30 days.


Hygiene Labs™ have developed a comprehensive five-part plan for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic period now that restrictions are easing. Contact transmission (by touching infected surfaces) costs commerce and industry countless hours in lost productivity due to staff absence
through illness.

Staff and customers in high traffic facilities and confined work spaces are often at high risk of person to person or contact transmission infection. Hygiene Labs™ ‘five-part solution’ can dramatically reduce the risk of transmission of common viruses and bacteria in the workplace.

By providing surface protection, cleaning solutions and personal hygiene products as a monthly service, the risk of contact infection via contaminated surfaces is substantially reduced, especially when utilising our long acting and persistent 5th Generation SiQuat technology.