Sanitisation and Persistent
Antimicrobial Technologies

Hygiene Labs™ uses 5th generation SiQuat technology which delivers high performance, antimicrobial protection on surfaces and skin to which they are either applied or infused. This technology is an alternative treatment and the way it kills germs by “lysis”, not by using toxic chemicals. They are widely recognised as one of the world’s most advanced non-volatile, surface bonded antimicrobial, safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment.

This SiQuat technology has been laboratory tested by leading microbiological institutions across the globe.

Our product range includes skin sanitisers and TGA listed surface disinfectants that are based around the use of this groundbreaking technology.

As such our antimicrobial suite of products are the most technologically advanced hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants in use anywhere in the world today.

We provide the latest innovations specifically tailored to the individual country or market needs. These are the most effective solutions to help in infection prevention and control today.


All of our products when applied form covalent associations which “lock and bond” the active molecule to the surface or substrate being treated.

During drying of the Hygiene Labs™ solution, the active ingredient changes from a monomer to a polymer, which bonds it to the surface. Once bound, the Hygiene Labs™ molecule delivers durable, continuous, and persistent protection from germs.

Our technology delivers continuing long-term germs protection for indefinite periods of time, bonding to many surfaces and substrates. The surface bond is durable and capable of providing high levels of microbial protection and control for long periods of time.

Our treatments can be applied to a diverse range of substrates which include natural and synthetic textiles, urethane foam substrates, fibre fill, various plastics, timber, laminates, most metals (including stainless steel), plaster and rigid foam.


Silane quaternary ammonium Quat-Si, SiQuat, Silane Quat, Quat Silane, SiH4, Silica-quaternary ammonium. These are all terms that describe the same active antimicrobial active ingredient we call SiQuat.

This composition is used by companies around the globe to create cleaning products with antimicrobial properties, but this ingredient is also used in products we are touching every day. SiQuats are used in items like sports clothing but also in cutting boards in your kitchen and even in your computer mouse.

Typically, these ingredients are used to preserve products or prevent growth of bacteria or mold. However, in the formations and concentrations Hygiene Labs™ uses in their 5th generation SiQuat technology, they are able to actively kill germs for extended periods of time.



• Non-toxic. Hygiene Labs™ uses Lysis technology which is a physical action to kill
• Does not use poisons
• Completely transparent and safe for all surfaces.
• Once cured it will not wash off
• Stays active and protects for extended periods of time
PROVEN EFFICACY: Technology has been tested in independent laboratories globally. It has achieved a “LOG 4” (99.99%) kill rate
NO REDUCTION: Efficacy will not diminish over time. Most tests confirm <1% reduction in efficacy

Does it Work?

Once applied, Hygiene Labs™’ Microbial Shield forms an invisible protective barrier on all treated surfaces immediately sanitising and eliminating harmful germs and bacteria present.

A layer of microscopic pins coats the surface and kills germs by piercing and rupturing their cell walls. Killing germs by ‘mechanical’ means and is non-toxic. All currently known germs are defenceless against our cell wall rupture technology.

The antimicrobial barrier is like a microscopic grass lawn with countless blades of grass that rupture or pop the bubble-like cell wall of the microbes, destroying them on contact.